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                  Common Questions.. Miscellanous Information

How do I order a single brochure from a future campaign?

The product number to use is 

English always 030347

I do not currently see one for Spanish.

This will order one brochure at a cost of $.25 from +3 campaigns. For example, if you are in C11, you will be ordering your usual bulk quantity of C13 brochures (and can back-order C12 and C11), but by using that number you can get a single C14 brochure for preview.


How do I back-order brochures from other campaigns?

The product number to use is

English  055745 for a pack of 10 .

Spanish 2870492 for a pack of 10.

If you are want more C11 books, just select C9 (either in C9 or as a back-order in C10 or C11) and enter that product number.
To remember how it works, just remember that whatever Campaign you use with that number, you'll get books that are "+2" campaigns ahead of that one:

  • If it's C1 and you select C01, you'll get C3 books (although you can do that easily enough through the system after submitting your order)
  • If it's C1 and you select C26, you'll get C2 books
  • If it's C1 and you select C25, you'll get C1 books

Can I back-order demos?

Sure, you can back-order up to your demo limit each campaign. This means if you are below President's Club and buying C6 demos, you can get 1 in C4 by ordering in C4, 2 in C5 by ordering 1 in C5 and back-ordering another from C4, 2 more in C6 by back-ordering 1 each from C5 and C4, and one more in C7 by back ordering from C5.
As if that isn't enough, if you do an add-on order, you can repeat these steps all over again and get even more demonstration products!
If you are PC you can order up to 18 in a 3 campaign period, not including add-on orders (but why bother? You get the SAME price ordering from the book with guaranteed earnings levels and still get the full award sales credit.)

How do I know what to order in a Buy1/Get 1 Deal?

The general rule is this: if there is no choice about what to buy and what is free, the free units will be sent by Avon automatically; if it is a mix and match, you order all units you need and Avon will determine the billing.

  1.  Example #1  Buy One Get this Free

You have three customers that want this deal so you order 3 items. Avon will send you 3 FREE of  what was offered as the gift/ free item. You do not need to input the FREE items if it is the same.  Avon will charge you according to your earnings level plus include the three free Dinkies automatically.

  1.  Example #2: Buy One Get One Free  Mix or Match-

  MIX OR MATCH choose correct quantities and it will adjust at billing. Higher priced items are charged first then lower priced 2nd. If one of your clients happens to have lower priced items and another shows higher priced and it incorrectly bills you as a whole you can adjust the individual invoices first for your clients and then call AVON for the adjustment.

*Ind. Avon Sales Rep. Lisa Monoson Opinion, Tips & Trainings are not from Avon Corporate.  Information, suggestions and tips gathered, used and shared from personal and other reps information over the last 15+ years.

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