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Commonly used #’s for Business Tools

1.Whats New Bags now called - Clear Literature Bags

058-433 Pk. 50/$0.80

This is the Avon bag with the hole cut out for a door knob for when you walk your books It can also be used if you toss books on driveways. Just place your brochure in sideways and tuck the unused portion of the bag into the middle of the book – your book now looks laminated and will slide up a driveway when tossed out a car window. The plastic also keeps the book dry around sprinklers. To find these bags look under sales tools and then Business tools.

2. Order Book – 573-700 FREE – No Limit – Order what you need!  This is the book that comes with the carbon paper in the back that can be used when you take orders from customers. These can be found under sales tools, then Business tools Supplies THOSE ARE FREE ANYTIME # . Note – You can also purchase a Hard pink cover that the order books fits into if you wish to look more professional.  129-842  Supplies  Order Book Cover & Pen

 3. Delivery Bags

Paper Shopping Bag - Small - 5 1/4"W x 3 1/4"D x 6 1/2"H


Paper Shopping Bag - Large - 10"W x 5"D x 12"H
Paper Shopping Bag - Extra Large - 16"W x 6"D x 12"H    10/$2.95
951-136 Popcorn Bag - Small - 4 1/16"W x 2 5/8"D x 7 7/8"H 50/$0.95
951-140 50/$1.25

4. Leadership :

Link is under "My Orders" then " ORDER SALES TOOLS" Click on LEADERSHIP and you will be able to order appointment kits, Recruiting flyers etc.

This link is located UNDER the MY ORDERS TAB ON THE LEFT. This is where you can find and purchase all of the “additional” brochures like Mark Magalogs, Outlet, FLYERS, etc. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMINDED AT CHECKOUT TO ORDER YOUR REGULAR CAMPAIGN BOOKS AND MAGALOGS.

6. REGULAR CAMPAIGN BROCHURES # is always 055-745
Every time you place a order we are always ordering 2 ahead of the campaign in which you are in so EXAMP: C-20 You would receive C-22.. If you needed C-21 you would put 055745 in your order ticket back order to C-19 which would then give you C-21  books.

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