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     How To Place Your First Order

  Your upline sponsor will be happy to schedule a in person or phone training with you to help guide you through your first order.  In case you missed  it or cannot attend here are the instructions to help you along.


 Some Easy steps to place your order:

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Personalized AVON REP. Video Tutorial with TIPS

Go to 

Go to MY ORDERS Page

You will notice you can put in each customer separately "ADD NEW CUSTOMER"   Choose their name after entering them and your current campaign order. If  you did not sign up for E-Rep then you are creating one big order and will be writing customer tickets instead of printing tickets.

WE ALWAYS CREATE A ORDER FOR THE CAMPAIGN IN WHICH WE ARE IN! So CHOOSE THE CORRECT #. The top of your AVON page will tell you which campaign we are  in and when the order is due.

The top of your AVON page may not have updated to the order in which you are starting in. As you save orders in your order cart be sure to save in the right campaign. Items can always be back-ordered within each order.

 #1. Be sure to create your own ticket to order  current books and any supplies or samples & personal products you may want or need.  You will want to order some basic delivery bags in your first order. There are many sizes and styles under the business tools section.  Just type in TOTE under the magnifying glass in your order and it should come up.  You can also use this handy feature to search for anything  & pricing. Also to the left you will notice you can shop brochures, shop demo, samples etc. The shop inner-wear tab is the bras  and undergarments. NOTE: These items will come in your MAILBOX a few days after your regular shipment. They also have to be ordered by using this guide.  You will notice that bra # are not listed in the brochure there are too many to list.  Inner-wear comes straight from Bali, Hanes, Playtex etc.  & is not warehoused through AVONS distribution center.   You can click on those and pop the items you want right into your order.

 #2  When you have all the orders ready ( or one big order) in the order cart to be submitted select all then submit..

#3 BOOKS: The next page will prompt you to order books if you didn't already in the actual order  Its a reminder basically.    To order books Examp: if you want 50 books just enter a 5 in the quantity area not 50 or you will end up with 500 books.  I recommend  at least 50 books for the value.  Its $15.09 and it will  be for  2 campaigns ahead of the book you are currently in. Please  keep that in mind as you will be gaining new customers. You will also have helpers that will each need a few books each to pass out for you. Better to have more than not enough.

   Remember Consistent activity = Consistent income.. Its a NUMBERS game the more that you do the bigger your return..

 Here is a comparison chart:

10 brochures $6.49
20 brochures $9.78
30 brochures $12.54
40 brochures $15.04
50 brochures $16.06
60 brochures $17.70
70 brochures $20.30
80 brochures $22.56
90 brochures $24.12
100 brochures $25.80

Example : 5 packs of books (50) costs $16.06

 Sell to 20 customers x $25 average order = $500 in sales

$500 @  40% = $200 - $16.06 investment is  = $183.94 potential earnings 

BUY 100 Brochures $25.80 investment

Sell to 37 customers x $25 average order = $925 order

$925 x 45% =  $416.25 earnings - $25.80 investment is $390.45 potential earnings

*Items are 20% keep that in mind but WOW..

So spending just an extra $9.74 to get 100 books can earn you an extra $ 206.51!

 Use your books WISELY!

 Always get Name # and email

Always follow up!! They ( the customers) have your paycheck.. Go get it!

   #4  Next you  will  input  how many customers you serviced and hit the send button just one time. The handling fee you charge each customer, each campaign covers the shipping or other business cost such as books or samples.  I currently charge $1 a customer. Standard book form still shows  .75 each.  It is up to you to decide your default service charge.   Your confirmation page will come up, print that.. Within a few hours you should be able to go back into your account and view your invoices.

 #5 If you?re a E-REP you can go to your web office tab after your order has invoiced and invoice each customer there. Be sure you have set the TAX field to read  your states tax  it is blank the first time you use it and needs to be filled in under Personalization in the WEB office area.  You can review each customers ticket and then print them all including a page that shows you all your customer totals that you are to collect from them.  Be sure to take some time to review all the cool tools in web office from writing personal notes on your order tickets, giving discounts, sending automated emails etc. It?s all available to you in the Web office suite. Note I  prefer to use FIREFOX or GOOGLE CHROME to Invoice, It seems that IE has some cookie issues that cause some issues with the invoicing process.

         Go #2 Placed order next steps

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