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New to Leadership?

To get started with leadership, You can begin appointing new team members right away.  You will have personal reference code for online appointments. You will use then your code.  Your personal code will be the last part of your AVON URL store.

Example: My Avon store is  My startavon  reference code is Lmonoson

You can also refer them to your E-STORE to sign up with you.  If you have not had a first recruit yet, You will want to EDIT your ESTORE at then click WEB OFFICE..  Once there click ...Edit my ESTORE. Then change your WIDGETS to have one that reflects the opportunity.    You can customize this every campaign if you like.

 Be sure you are utilizing free training  & sales leadership resources at AVON University at Located at the training tab.  Also your upline sponsor or District manage will be available to show you on how to conduct a Face to Face Appointment as well.

To order Appointment Kits, go to your order cart, click Shop Sales Tools, then, Leadership. You will see English and Spanish available.

For a Face to Face Appointment you can look up your new team partners schedule before you meet. To do that

  •  You'll need to know your team members zip code in order to find their correct RPS selling Calendar. You can find their RPS at Click, profile then appointment processing, then FIND DISTRICT on the top right of the BLUE form.

 FIND RPS  if you cannot use the system you can call 1-800-468-46001-800-468-4600 FREE

  • Then you will need to enter their contract online. You'll do this at Click,  Sales Leadership... then Recruiting... then Appointment Processing. Type in their information as it appears on the physical contract, save and double check your information. Next, click Submit.


 To order RPS # Calenders, item numbers are listed below:
RPS 1 ORANGE 190-262
RPS 2 RED 190-277
RPS 3 GRAY 190-281
RPS 4 PURPLE 190-296
RPS 6 BLUE 190-315
RPS 7 BROWN 190-320
RPS 8 PINK 190-334
RPS 9 GREEN 190-349
  For Future Reference... This chart is available to order calendars for new recruits..

-Click the Sales Leadership tab at

-Then, Materials & Resources

-RPS Calendars for the item numbers

 Alternately, you can type in RPS in the search bar. ALSO THIS SITE Has RPS schedules listed under REP information for all areas :)

Self Appointments:  Are appointments those that go online and appoint automatically to your AVON Team through either your personal webpage or using with  your refferal code .

For online SELF APPOINTMENTS be Sure to go to print your contracts @ Click,  Sales Leadership... then Recruiting... then Appointment Processing.

 ALMA..  AVON Lead Management Application

 Alma is  Avon's NEW LEADS SYSTEM. be sure to put that on your computer and phone. You must meet eligibility requirements to receive AVON ALMA leads. Please speak to your sponsor or read rules and information under sales leadership tab.

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