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Fast Talk is for those that do not have computer, smart phones with internet access or tablets.  

FAST Talk, Avon’s automated phone system, provides the options you need when you need them. Check when to submit your order by using the Ordering Schedule feature. FAST Talk provides customized information about when your order should be submitted, as well as when your order is scheduled to ship. It also allows you to place orders, make your credit/debit card payments using touch-tone or speech, and check when your order shipped.

FAST Talk can save you time and provides you with the information your Customers want as soon as it’s available.

How do you reach FAST Talk?
Call the Customer Service number printed on your Invoice, enter your account number and confirm that we have accessed your account. At the Main Menu, you have your choice of several automated options:
  • Order Entry
  • Account Information that includes:
    • Account Balance
    • Award Sales
    • President’s Points
    • Returns Status
  • Order Status
  • Make a Payment
  • Ordering Schedule
  • Product Availability
Simply make your selection, follow the prompts and get the job done!

Hints for using FAST Talk
Here are some helpful hints to consider while using FAST Talk:

1. All responses that require a yes or no answer can be made by simply pressing 1 for yes, or 2 for no.

2. All numeric responses can be keyed in on your touch-tone phone.

3. Speak in a normal manner, with a regular tone of voice and at a regular pace.

4. FAST Talk works best when you call from a quiet place. If that’s not possible, we offer the Order Entry and Make a Payment options in full touch-tone, which will not respond to the sounds around you. So let the door slam and the dog bark and FAST Talk will continue with what you need it to do.

Your schedule may be busy, but you can still be profitable. Let Avon’s FAST Talk help ease the way for a successful sales plan.