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Customer Invocing

Easy Customer Invoicing Instructions

For E-Representatives

After placing your regular campaign order your invoices will be available to view and print in the web office area. 

STEP 1: Be sure you are logged into

Step 2: Go directly to WEB OFFICE tab


Step 4: Your now at Customer invoicing tool.  Below it says ORDERS READY TO INVOICE.

Step 5: Choose YES or NO if any items were missing from your order. To do this & see what may be missing or on back-order, I recommend having a paper copy of your billed campaign invoice with you.  Use what was in your delivery box or you can print a copy of this invoice at the MY ACCT TAB under invoices.  Remember this area of CUSTOMER invoicing is DIFFERENT than your BILLED invoice from AVON & is only available to E-reps.

Step 6:  After choosing if anything was missing Click the Continue button. You should now get a list of all customers from that campaign SELECT ALL.. Then at the bottom click on CREATE EDIT INVOICES

Step 7: Be sure to go through each ticket of your customer to be sure all CUSTOMER pricing is correct. Again you can reflect this to the RETAIL prices on your BILLED invoice.  If there are any areas that are incorrect you can manually change it.

Step 8: Be sure that you tax is showing up on each ticket per your state and your handling fee .75 ( I charge $1 a customer).*.To permanently makes sure that is showing up on every ticket every time you invoice go do the initial set up  by clicking on  WEB OFFICE TAB, Then Manage My Website in PINK,  THEN PERSONALIZATION TOOL.. Under this tool you can change preferences for phone numbers,  fix the tax and add personal messages to your tickets.    

Step 9: Once each ticket is completed and you reach the end Click the SAVE and next tab you can then..

STEP 10:  CLICK PRINT invoices then SELECT ALL. Then it will print all including a collection page.


·        You can also give each customer discounts or ADD lines to tickets for in stock merchandise on each ticket if you choose.  You can even create a new invoice from a blank template for items you may have in stock.   Invoicing also allows you to change any pricing if needed or if you offered your customer's a special deal.

 ·        FIREFOX seems to be the easiest system to use for invoicing (In my experience).   I noticed using IE (Internet Explorer) I have issues sometimes with cookies not clearing and with updating quantities.  

 ·        Be sure to go through each and every ticket so you are sure pricing is correct. In some cases if COOKIES are not cleared it can save the prior ticket prices into your next customer's ticket.


·        PROMOTIONS: if The YELLOW promotions will not update or clear you can REMOVE them and enter them in separately.  

 ·        *For Returns or Credits- Just go into that section of your CUSTOMER invoicing and adjust their tickets. You still go to "Process returns" under the "My Account tab" when getting yourself credited but this allows you to easily credit the customer.