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Posted by Lisa on August 4, 2011 at 10:35 AM


Anew Genics Treatment Cream

Launching 4Q 2011

Date/Time: Thursday June 16, 2011 @ 3:00pm EST

TOP Questions from June 16th Webcast


Can you tell us a bit more about how the Youth Gene relates to skin?

Avon is the first skin care brand with YouthGen Technology, which is designed to stimulate youth gene activity to help skin cells act younger.* Our in-vitro testing showed that stimulating the youth gene resulted in a boost in critical skin components including collagen and hyaluronic acid.

* Based on testing on skin cells.


How do I use Genics?

Genics is to be used 1x daily, at night, after cleansing and as part of a nighttime skin care regimen. It replaces your customer’s current nighttime moisturizer. Anew Genics offers moisturizing benefits so it can be used as your main nighttime treatment cream. When used nightly, Anew Genics Treatment Cream can dramatically reduce the appearance of discolorations, age spots and wrinkles, while visibly improving firmness.


What is the launch date?

C21 Selling dates: 9/13-10/8


What is the price of Anew Genics? What is the brochure offer at launch?

The price is $38.00.

The offer at launch is, Buy Anew Genics Treatment Cream for $38 and Get Your Choice of any Anew Day Cream for only $10! This one product can jump-start any regimen recommendation. Every customer should have an anti-aging program for day and night.


Can you describe the product formula and texture to us?

Anew Genics Treatment Cream is a luxurious textured cream that leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.


How do I introduce Genics to my existing Anew customers?

As an Avon Expert, this is a great opportunity to talk “basic skin care AND the importance of a consistent routine for skin”. Ask your customer- tell me, what are your top aging concerns? Based on her response, show your expertise by presenting the appropriate regimen- including Anew Genics as the night time moisturizing step. Explain what it will do for her skin and how Anew Genics will ignite her skin’s youth potential. This is the ONE product all your anti-aging customers should be using!

A fundamental Anew Regimen consists of:






Day Cream with SPF for day time


Night Cream, Genics, or Emulsion for evening


Eye Cream



Is there a target age group for Genics?

This anti-aging product is targeted to women who are interested in improvements in wrinkles, discolorations, and firmness.


Will there be any more products launching in the Genics line?

We are looking to extend the Genics Treatment line in 2012.


Tell me about the earnings potential programs?

C18 Preferred Preview:

2 Full Size Creams + 1 pack of 5 packettes of Cream.

You pay $38, You earn $38. Full award sales $76.

C18/19Breakthrough Bundle – Cross-category bundle for new Representatives. Place an order for $50 in C16 or C17. Receive a Bundle which includes 7ml Treatment Cream, 3D Mender sample, and Step Into Sexy fragrance vial. For those new Representatives who place an order of $125 in C16 or C17 – receive a full size Genics Treatment Cream!

What’s New C21 Super Earner – Buy 1 Genics Cream at 50%, limit one. Buy 2 Genics Creams at 55%, limit one!! Representatives can participate in only one of these offers.

C21 What’s New Incentive Program, SD/ID 3 level program


Level 1 Take 5 Genics Treatment Creams get 1 Free + 1 sneak preview of Platinum Emulsion free, plus a $10 check. You pay $114, You Earn $114. Award sales of $190.


Level 2 Take 25 get 5 Treatment Creams free + 1 sneak preview of Platinum Emulsion free + $10 check + product bundle ($196) + $50 check. You pay $570, You Earn $570. Award sales of $950.


Level 3 Take 50 get 10 Treatment Creams free + 2 sneak prev. of Platinum Emulsion free + $10 check + 2 product bundles ($392) + $50 check + $75 check. You Pay $950, You Earn $1,330. Award Sales of $1,900.


What kind of samples will be available for Genics?

For Representatives, we will have:


Free Packette on card in C21 What’s New in a polybag.


Pack of 5 Packettes for $3. At launch - Buy One Get one pack free.

For Customers we will have a great Brochure offer of a 7ml sample for only $1.99 on the Back Cover of C18.


How do I recommend Genics to customers who use products in the Clinical line?

Anew Genics Treatment Cream can be partnered with any of our Anew products (except our Regimen Night Creams and Emulsions) to help provide optimal benefits. Your customer would apply her existing Clinical product and follow with Anew Genics Treatment Cream. The general rule of thumb is to apply product from lightest texture to thickest texture. Here are two examples:



Serum (example: Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum)


Eye Care




ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream

Eye Care



Who is the ideal candidate for Genics?

Genics Treatment Cream is for anyone who is interested in anti-aging. All skin types and all skin tones. This is the PERFECT way to get someone started on an anti-aging routine – because ANYONE can use it. Partner it with an Anew Day Cream with SPF for the ideal anti-aging program.

Introduce Anew Genics Treatment Cream to:


A NEW customer who does not have an anti-aging routine.


A NEW customer who only uses a day cream.


A NEW customer who uses a competitive night time moisturizer.


A NEW customer who is new to Avon skin care.


An Anew Regimen customer who is interested in the latest breakthrough products and wants to optimize her regimen.


How does this affect our Regimens Kits?

Full-size kits will still be available – for those consumers who are highly loyal to their favorite products. We will offer comparable value offers for consumers who custom fit their regimen with Anew Genics Treatment Cream.


Are the Night Creams going away?

No, the Night Creams will stay in the line for those customers who choose to remain loyal to their current Anew Regimen Night Cream.


Won’t this just trade with the Night Creams?

While we do expect some trading to occur with the Anew Regimen Night Creams, we see the launch of Anew Genics Treatment Cream as a primary opportunity to recruit NEW consumers to Avon Skin Care. Use this breakthrough product to introduce to customers who are new to Avon or new to Avon Skin Care. Some of your current Anew Night Cream users will surely want to try Genics so that they can choose for themselves.


Can I apply to the eye area?

Anew Genics Treatment Cream can be applied to the undereye area and crow’s feet. Avoid the eyelid.


What about Emulsions?

Consumers who need extra moisturization as their main priority will use an Anew Emulsion instead of their Anew Night Cream or Anew Genics Night Treatment Cream. Remember Anew Emulsions are night time moisturizers that become an alternative for night time moisturization. So your customer has a choice between:


Anew Regimen Night Moisturizer


Anew Genics Treatment Cream


Anew Emulsion


What is the size?

Genics Treatment Cream is a 1 oz jar. This is consistent with some of our other treatment products as well as many that you find in the marketplace.


What kind of testing has been done on Genics to ensure safety?

The product is tested using a series of standardized clinical methods to ensure safety.


Is it hypo-allergenic?

The product has been allergy tested.


Is this the product from Italy that keeps the cantaloupe from aging and rotting?





Can people with oily skin use Genics?

The product is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, so people with oily skin should be fine with its use.


What is the shelf life of Genics?

As with all of Avon’s (skin care) products, three years from the date of manufacture.


Why are they promoting Platinum Emulsion in the incentive when customers should use Genics instead of Emulsions?

This is purely due to the timing of the launch of Platinum Emulsion. Platinum Emulsion is launching later in the year and we wanted to make a full-size product available in advance of the launch as a sneak preview.


Is YouthGen technology patent-pending or patented technology?

Avon’s YouthGen technology is Patented. Only Avon has it and can use it in their formulations.


If Genics replaces all Night Creams, why does the jar say treatment cream?

We feel so strongly about the performance and benefits of Anew Genics Treatment Cream that we have reinforced it in the product name.


What is/are the active ingredients in Genics?

The key active ingredients are a blend of pharmaceutical derived synthetic materials, peptides, and purified phytochemicals.


Will the stock-up product count to get the $10 Day Cream purchase in Brochure?

Yes, you will get credit for these advance units from the stock-up program.


How does Genics pair with Clearskin and those people who suffer from acne?

The product was not tested on consumers with acne. We would recommend trying the product sparingly at first to see if her skin can accommodate the product.


Will this be a new line in Anew?

It will be a new line, but will not be considered a Regimen.


Will Genics help with Rosacea?

No, it will not.



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