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AVON History Lesson 125 Years!!

Posted by Lisa on March 23, 2011 at 8:15 PM

At the age of 16 David mcConnell had begun selling books door to door. When his fare was not well recieved, he resorted to the then-popular advertising gimmick of offering a FREE introductory gift in exchange for being allowed to make a sales pitch. A complimentary Vial of perfume, he thought, would be ideal, and he blended the original scent himself, with the aid of a local pharmacist. Fate stepped in. McConnell learned that women adored his perfume & remained indifferent to his books. Thus, he ababdoned books & orgaized the New-York based CALIFORNIA PERFUME COMPANY, named in honor of a friend & investor from California. The door to door approach seemed tailor-made for the cosmetics, particulrly in rural areas, where homemakers, in horse and buggy days, had poor access to better stores.


Avon was strictly an America phenomenon, and a unique and pioneering one at that. The first female Avon Lady was Mrs. P.F.E.Albee, a widow from Winchester, New hampshire. She began her chime-ringing career selling the companies popular LITTLE DOT PERFUME SET, she also recruited other women, training them as door to door sales people too. The company was re-christened Avon for the simple reason that the New York State town in which David McConnell lived. Suffern on the Ramapo, reminded him of Shakespeares STRATFORD-UP-AVON.


By 1887, David had 12 women employees selling a line of 18 fragrances & the numbers just kept growing & growing. On October 6th 19-39 the California Perfume Company name changed to Avon Products Inc. Today, despite the scores of expensive, prestigious American & foreign brand named cosmetics, Avon ranks 1st in sales nationwide, with Avon ladies ringing doorbells from coast to coast. In 19-89 Avon became the 1st major cosmetics manufacturer to announce a permanent end to animal testing in the safety testing of its products. In 1992 Avon founded the Breast Cancer Crusade & in 2004 Speak Out was Launched. Both causes have raised over $800 Million :) 


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