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Have an AVON Party.. by Lisa Monoson

Posted by Lisa on October 11, 2010 at 8:29 PM

Have an AVON Party!

by Lisa Monoson - EUL

Steps to a great AVON Party

• SET UP is 1-2-3!


1. Name tags if people do not know each other, have light refreshments, your own makeup should be AVON Products, and if you have AVON Jewlery etc wear it dress professional ! Serve cookies and soda or punch.

2. If you need table covers or a AVON display check with our District manager can lend you those items . Let her know at least 1-2 weeks in advance when your party is and you can arrange to pick up stuff from her.

3. Decorate a table with a pretty SEASONAL table cover, use AVON DISPLAY even attach a few balloons Black , RED ,white,

• Put minimum of 10 products out on the table that you can demo. You can use boxes under the table cover to raise items and give your table interest and a nice display ( make a AVON presentation 3 fold poster) You can get one at office depot. Cut out pictures from book & prices you can use pretty paper behind each pic, glitter etc.

• Use products you will highlight at your party such as ANEW SKINCARE SYSTEMS/, FRAGRANCE, JEWLERY , BATH AND BODY, FASHION ETC.


• On the smaller 2 sides one side can be about the opportunity and benefits of being a AVON rep.

• Only $10 to get started, 2. Get 40% FIRST 4 CAMPAIGNS and 2o% on apparel and * items, 3. Make as little or as much as you want, 4. Order online & comes to your door, 5. Get your own beauty products and gifts at a great discount 6. No set hours work as much or as little as you want 9. SAVINGS PLAN/COLLEGE 10. make great friends & get FREE training and upline support

• Other side of poster:

 Make up a Host your own AVON BOOK party. Heres what you get!

 Get 10% of total sales in Free Beauty products! Earn a Free product just for hosting and for each booking recieve items at 25% to 40% off


 AT THE PARTY : MAKE UP A sheet on the computer with the products you will demo( Like a wish list or favs sheet) Put prices with specials etc. hand one to each before the demo starts with a pencil ( this way after they have tried it if they liked it they can mark it on their list.


• ITS PARTY TIME -_ intro!

1. Greet and welcome all guests, give a name tag

2. After initial meeting and everyone has arrived and gotten their refreshments Start off the party with enthusiasm. Tell everyone a little about how you got started with AVON. Examp: That it was only a $10 fee for you to get started, and how much fun you’re having & how your Making $ doing it.

3. Introductions; have each go around the room and say her, name, & fav. type beauty product

4. Play a short game(to break the ice) Examp: Make up index cards with each letter of the alphabet on each card except any letters that cant work such as Z. Make your own cheat sheet so you can see how many you can come up with for each letter of the alphabet. Mix up the cards and as you hold up each letter each guest needs to blurt out a beauty product beginning with the letter examp; m = mascara L= lipstick or lipgloss. First person you hear gets the card. Person with the most cards at the end of the game gets a goodie bag you make up.



1. Hand out wish lists product sheets!

2. DEMO THE PRODUCTS! Hold up all the different items you can. Demo each product with hands on, so for a lotion pass the bottle around then let them squeeze a bit on their hands. Know your sale prices and deals EXAMP: Buy this today and you get it for only $5.00 and a half price item. Be enthusiastic and excited about your products (excitement is contagious) You can buy samples of LIPSTICKS put in a basket with the it let them pick a color and try it on. Note the benefits of the lipstick such as spf or moisturizing /plumping etc.

3. After you’re done demoing, Hand out the books and order sheets. You can even run your own special such as anyone who places an order of $25 or more will receive a free Product ( you specify) You have not only increased your total sales but you got them to spend a minimum of $25 and try a new product See how that works…

4. After everyone is done ordering Thank everyone for coming and see if anyone else would like to host a book party at their house with you

5. You could even hand out Attached flyers above and change the info to you ( remember creating yourself a downline can bring you even more $$$$) So ALWAYS OFFER THE OPPORTUNITY!! 


• Most important have fun, You’re going to do great! Let me know if you need my help making your posters or getting this together I will be more than happy to help.

I hope this info is helpful I just started typing and this is what I came up with, hope its not confusing, call if you need anything!



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Reply Jeannie
4:33 PM on October 14, 2010 
great Tips thank Avon Holiday Party is looking happy! : )

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