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10 Key Success Points from... Barb Avery

Posted by Lisa on October 4, 2010 at 9:01 PM


 10 Key Success Points by Barb Avery...


1. Take stock of your gifts-We are all individuals and we are all different. If you take 100 leaders in Avon, you are going to get 100 individuals, no two alike! Each works with what they have in terms of personality style and attributes. Develop the ones that will push your business forward and learn to manage the ones that will pull it back.

2.Discipline-Without this key point- you’ll waste time and wonder around, you know, “Thinking” about doing something in your business, but not really getting to it……………ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3.Don’t blame others-Personal responsibility is a lost virtue in today’s world. It is soooo much easier to blame everyone but the man in the mirror! You are where you are at because of your choices you have made.

4.Attitude-Do you want to get into business with someone who whines and complains, who has a crappy attitude, or someone positive and upbeat-a solution finder! A go-getter! Well there you go! (ummm, the second answer is correct!)

5.Depend on no one-You want success? YOU go do the work, be the person who just-gets it done. Quite simply, “You can make money or excuses, you just cannot do both”. Which person are you? The one who calls 911 or the one who IS 911?

6.Create your own luck! News flash!! You are NOT going to win the lottery, and if you did, OK fine. But for the rest of us, just get busy and make your own luck by being simply the BEST networker, the BEST recruiter, the BEST at anything else you need to develop and refine to succeed. Bloom where you are planted!

7.Be Enthusiastic-It goes beyond #4, this is more about being an Eeyore or a Tigger about YOUR business and being real about how you feel about it! You will be a people magnet just because you are so excited about your products and leadership potential/results.

8.Plan your time-Work this business like you are an EMPLOYEE! Mark your time to work it on a calender and do it! Don’t call in sick!

9.Hit the reset button-Don’t let your past define you! Use your past as a GUIDEpost, not a HITCHINGpost!

10.Your “WHY”- this is the very reason(s) you, put in front of you, that will be so inspiring to YOU, to SUCCEED in this business. The reasons YOU will FINISH and accomplish your GOALS, to come out on top and be that WINNER you dreamed about! Your “WHY” will help you get past all the “small stuff and big stuff”. It will DRIVE you to work your business even if you don’t feel like it, even if your customers quit, or order from someone else, even if the shampoo spills all over your delivery box on the new Avon Barbie, even if your DM or your upline/downline disappoints you, even if you feel like nothing is going right, and even if you get your undies in a twist. Do NOT take your eyes OFF your prize-your “why”, your reason to get this done. You want the RESULT of what Avon can give you, and when you achieve that, well take it from me, the rest won’t matter, you will have forgotten all about that stuff. Get over “it” get over yourself, and just get it done.

-barb avery

If you share this list, please give credit to the author-Barb Avery-


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