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Good Telephone Messages Return Calls

Posted by Lisa on July 23, 2010 at 2:43 PM

Good Telephone Messages Return Calls

Technology may be making life easier and yet it is also making life more difficult. It is certainly has become the norm for most home owners to screen their calls. This relatively new practice makes it more difficult for home-based business consultants to do their job effectively and provide good customer service.

The key to leaving a good voicemail message is to start with a script. Take the time to script out your message prior to starting your calls. In all home-based businesses, success is all about connecting with your customers and hosts, so the goal of your messages needs to be connection. When writing your scripts take the following points into consideration.


How To Get A Return Call From Voice Mail Messages

There are a few specific steps that you must put into your script to ensure that you get a call back from your messages.

1.You must have a legitimate business reason to be placing the telephone call in the first place. Cold calling to book shows is not a legitimate business reason. Did she mention a product that is on sale now? Did he express an interest in having a show? Did she tell you to call? What exactly is your legitimate reason for calling your customer in the first place?

2.You must establish some connection. Don’t use your last name, as friends do not have to tell friends their last name. Connect by the host, the product or your purpose. Connect with a recollection of them from your last encounter. “This is Deb with MyFavoriteCompany; when we chatted at Mary’s show you said….”

3.Create curiosity. “I have a quick question,” I want to share something with you that I think you would be interested in…”

4.Create urgency. “You mentioned you were upset that MyFavoriteCompany discontinued the XYZ product. I wanted to let you know that for August ONLY, we have a special item that is similar….”

5.Speak clearly and say your name and telephone number twice. I mean say your telephone number clearly, slowly and twice. Once at the beginning of the call and once at the end of the call.

6.Be excited. Smile and stand up. It is really difficult to transfer enthusiasm over the phone. You are the only one who is as enthusiastic as you are about your company. Smile, stand up and walk around while you talk.


Home Business Owners Script Your Voice Mail Message

It is essential that you script out your message. The script is your starting point. Write out your voice message script prior to each series of calls you make. Each call may be different and the script will give you a point of reference. With a script you will get better at it. Using your voice mail script will improve your message skills. A couple of years ago we had Jeff Zaleweski on our home base business training call. He talked about how to write a powerful voice mail script. Jeff shared about his voicemail message-creating software. So, check it out. It is kind of fun. When you use his message scripting software a few times to create your answering machine message, you will become an expert at writing a good script. It is FREE


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