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Think About This Before You Go Out Prospecting

Posted by Lisa on June 19, 2010 at 9:56 AM

Think About This Before You Go Out Prospecting

Do you have an “open” sign on the doors of your business or a “closed” sign?



Prospecting is one of the most important aspects to building a successful business. If you are not sharing your business with everyone, everywhere you go, then you essentially have a “closed” sign hanging on your door. I want to talk about important factors to take in account before you go out prospecting so that you not only have an “open” sign, but so that you can build a large thriving database of customers.

I have talked to many consultants and leaders who express that during the summer their business typically sees a decline. They attribute this to many factors including more people vacationing and not wanting to host a class/show/party or their kids are home and they cannot work.

For those who are actively prospecting you will probably agree that the summer is one of THE best times to prospect. Think about how many places you will be going this summer. Whether it be the pool, barbeques, picnics, parks, vacations, company conventions, or sporting events, think about how many people you will encounter.

EXERCISE ONE- I want you to write down a list of 10 places that you want or need to go to within the next two working weeks. It can be anything from the pool to the grocery store. Here is an example:

1. Grocery Store

2. Michael’s swim meet

3. TGI Fridays to celebrate swim meet

4. Church

5. Movie Theater

6. Gas Station

7. Crofton Park

8. Golden Spoon Yogurt

9. Gym

10. Concert

As you go to these places make a point to talk to at least one person about your business. In many of the places that you go to there is an opportunity to talk to many people. Make sure it is natural and that you let them know that you would like to follow up with them at a more appropriate time. See if it is something that they would be interested in. This is important because just as you are not going to these places JUST to prospect, these people did not come to these places to hear all the details about your business. When I would prospect it would take me less than 30 seconds to generate shared interest, ask them if they had heard of my company, and if they would like for me to follow up at a more appropriate time.

FAYC- Forget About Yourself Completely

A very important thing to remember before you prospect is that this process is about them not you. In order to be heart at work you need to ask people if they are interested in learning more about your business. If they say no, it is really ok. That is their choice. It should not affect the way you feel about yourself or your business. If you can truly internalize, live and breathe FAYC when it comes to prospecting, you will never hesitate to share with anyone. At my seminars I often give an example about sharing bubble on an airplane that helps people truly put this into perspective. Imagine you were on an airplane. Your ears begin to pop and you reach into your purse or pocket and get out a pack of bubble gum. You are sitting in the middle seat and ask the person to your left if they would like a piece. That person says “no thank you”. Do you then think to yourself “well that is it!"? I am not offering anyone else gum ever again. He said no to me and that was just too traumatic!” Or, do you simply turn to your right and offer gum to the next person? I would like to think that most of us (if not all) would do the latter. If you can have that same mentality with your business then you are ready to be very successful in this industry.

EXERCISE TWO- Go to your local grocery store or convenient store and purchase your favorite pack of gum or breath mint. Stick it in your purse or pocket as a constant reminder to share your business with everyone, everywhere you go, and most importantly to remember that prospecting is sharing. It is all about giving people an opportunity to say yes or no.

I would love to have you join our new sizzle team that is forming. Have you clicked summer sizzle information? I hope you will now if you haven't.

Article By Ilene Meckley


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