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Inspiring TRUE REPRESENTATIVE Story! The Mark of an Entrepreneur

Posted by Lisa on November 26, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Commitment and perseverance coupled with 12-hour days have garnered Josephine Dangleben a place in Avon history.

Josephine Dangleben
It was 18 years ago when Josephine Dangleben was a sales clerk in a department store in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. She was good at her job, and though she wasn't making a fortune - at $320 a month, she couldn't afford a car or a home of her own - still she was reasonably happy.

Yet, a part of her was unfulfilled. When she was growing up on her native island of Dominica, Josephine had showed an entrepreneurial streak. She bought photo albums and cosmetics from Aruba, and sold them for a profit. “From the beginning, I had a knack for selling,” she says. “I felt I could sell ice to the Eskimos.”

In 1989, Josephine started helping her local Avon Representative part-time. She wasn't expecting more from it than a change of pace and a few extra dollars. But when she dealt with the Customers, Josephine felt her “knack” coming out. She soon noticed that she was making most of the Representative's sales for her.

A few months later, Josephine signed up to become a Representative herself. Now she had a job where success depended entirely on her - where “the more you work, the more you achieve,” as she puts it. She wasn't going to do things halfway.

From hard work to the Hall of Fame
As little money as she had, she made what was for her a huge investment in her new business. “I ordered hundreds of brochures,” she says. “I invested in sales aids and samples. Then I stamped the brochures with my information, bagged them with samples and took them around on the bus, because I had no transportation of my own.”

It was hard and tiring work - Josephine was putting in 12-hour days - but as soon as Josephine got in front of people with her bags of samples and brochures, the thrill of selling revived her. “I saw everyone I met as a potential Customer,” she says.

People took the brochures and they took to Josephine. Business began to trickle, then to pour in. Referrals added to the new Customers Josephine still accumulated by canvassing the streets and riding the buses.

Within six months, Josephine was making enough to quit her department store job. Within a year, she was making serious money. And in 1991, Josephine was named to Avon's International Hall of Fame as the #1 Avon Representative in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico - a title she's held till now.

Josephine has consistently made Inner Circle-level sales since that day. What a distance she has come from her days at the department store! Now instead of riding the bus, she drives a Nissan Murano. She has her own beautiful home and has raised a son, Kerry Charles, who is studying computer science. She still works hard, but she also has time to relax and listen and dance (mostly to soca ,zouk and soukoss) and enjoy life.

“'Never give up', is my motto,” says Josephine. “You can achieve anything in life if you simply put your mind to it. Your success depends upon your effort, commitment and perseverance.”


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