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Posted by Lisa on February 18, 2010 at 10:27 PM

What?s Your Color?

1. Warm ? People with warm (yellow) undertones usually have visible gold or red in their coloring, such as warm highlights in their hair, golden freckles, or green to warm brown eyes.


 2. Cool ? People with cool (blue) undertones are most often without visible gold or red in their coloring, and their hair is usually an ashy tone or brown or blonde, or dark cool brown/black. Their eyes are usually blue, gray, or black-brown, and their skin has a flat beige, cool pink or almost blue undertone.


3. Neutral ? People with neutral undertones don?t usually stand out as either overly warm or cool. Neutral is the most common undertone, as it includes the majority of people.


Color Families

1. Pinks/Roses ? Includes pinks, roses, fuchsias, violets, lavenders, grapes, cherries, and wines. The shades of this family are cool to neutral, never warm.


 2. Mauves/Berries ? Includes mauves, berries, plums, burgundies, lilacs, and cranberries. The shades of this color family are cool to neutral, never warm.


 3. Corals/Reds ? Includes peaches, corals, oranges, brownish reds, tawnies, apricots, and all shades of red. Some of the reds are bluish, and therefore ?cool?. However, most of the shades in this family are neutral to warm.


 4. Beiges/Browns ? Includes browns, bronzes, golds, mochas, taupes, and spices. The shades of this family are warm to neutral, never cool.


 Finding Your Intensity


1. Light ? blonde hair/ light blue, gray, or green eyes/ fair skin tone


 2. Medium - light to medium brown, dark blonde, red, or auburn hair/ medium eye tone, any shade/ medium skin tone


 3. Dark ? dark brown or black hair/ medium to dark eye tone, any shade/ medium to dark skin tone


How to use Intensity The intensity of the eyes should balance with the intensity of the lipstick ? the lighter the eyes, the lighter the lipstick, and the darker the eyes, the darker the lipstick. When the intensity of the eyes and lip color are the same, the eyes become the focus. They also say you should accent either one or the other so if your EYES are your best feature punch them up with color and use a softer lip shade. If its lips brighter lipstick softer eyes. The intensity of blush/cheek colors should be balanced with the skin tone. Eyeshadow colors should never be more intense than the eye color itself, as this can overpower the eyes. To emphasize a certain feature, select a shade one intensity lighter or darker.


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