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Your 8th Avon Order

Posted by Lisa on September 18, 2012 at 5:35 PM


This week will be your 8th Order week. Congratulations! Officially 4 Months in your AVON business!!


You should be continuing to build your clientele by sharing your business everywhere you go and gaining new referrals and recruit leads. I wanted to tell you a bit today about Presidents Club and how you can strive to be there & what it entitles you to.


So what is PC - PRESIDENTS CLUB & WHY do YOU want to be in it?

PC club is sales of $10,100 in an AVON year Sales run from C-1 - Campaign 26 starting in 2015! NOTE:   2014 is the last year of PC at C-8 start - 26 and in 2014 $7000 is all that is required for PC level.

It s an Elite TOP sellers club with many perks ?

As soon as you reach President's Club-$10,100, the following will happen (and follow you through as you reach additional levels).


These perks are available to you until the end of the next cycle meaning you get one full cycle to enjoy the accolades in addition to any remaining campaigns on the cycle in which you earn the level.

 Guaranteed 40% minimum earnings on full earnings products and 25% earnings on fixed earnings items.


You will receive the Mrs. Albee figurine ( very first AVON lady Ceramic Collectible statue)

You will receive President's Club jewelry (there is a man's version as well as a woman's)

You will receive special PC Christmas and birthday POINTS towards a catalog to spend

You will be invited to the annual PC Tribute for your area (may be dinner or a luncheon)

You will be given a toll-free customer service phone number

Ability to enter the President's Club Scholarship Program (for children and grandchildren)

Your invoice will be stamped with the logo of the level you are currently in.


There are also special additional awards for each increased level you attain. All prizes are cumulative, meaning you don't sacrifice prizes from one level when you reach the next level. You will receive all awards for each level. Details about the higher-level prizes can be found at the Avon President Recognition Program page OR PCP TAB on


I have included in this email a TRACKING sheet so you can total to see where you are currently at and what you will need in sales before C-26 to make it. In certain Campaigns throughout the year AVON will offer double or triple AWARD sales to help you reach this title of achievement. In those Campaigns you want to work extra hard to bank the cash and points.


Cumulative Cycle Sales are your total sales between Campaign 1 -Campaign 26 starting in 2015.

 Campaign Average Sales indicates the average award sales amount you must achieve each campaign to reach that sales level by the end of a cycle

Demo Max refers to the maximum number of a single demonstration product you may order in a campaign

 If you need additional help or have questions about how you can secure your spot at the PC table and level then please don t hesitate to ask for help. We can also schedule a fundraiser to help you reach levels faster with the organization of your choice.




Warmest Regards,

Lisa Monoson


Avon Independent Sales Rep.

Executive Unit Leader of the AVON Team Money Makera

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