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Welcome to AVON Email #2

Posted by Lisa on September 18, 2012 at 5:15 PM


The Company for Women (and a few good men)

Your AVON Leadership Upline is Lisa Monoson and can be reached @ XXXXXXXX for all your training and encouragement - Join our Group & Team Training Site





    Your 1st order will be due by 12:00 noon On TIME on YOUR Ordering schedule. If you work outside the home be sure to place it the night before.   Internet address for placing your order is  $100  on time 1st order orders get a chance in our new rep raffle for business tools and samples!  


Your 2nd -4th order will also be 40% as long as your order is $50 or more. If it is $125 or more you get a raffle ticket for the campaign drawings.  

Important Tips & Reminders:

1.    EMAIL: Please check email daily! I do most all communication Via- Email. Every week there is a TMM Weekly booster email that goes out.  You’re now running your own business.  I advise you get a separate email account to run your business.  A lot of great information and tips comes via email. If you are not reading email you’re missing a lot of help and tips. Also have an Email signature to advertise your business. Always state; Name, Ind. Avon Sls. Rep – Title, phone, email and web url & a tag line such as “Start your own Avon business” Ask me how”!


2.    Phone etiquette: Now that you’re in business be sure your voicemail reflects that your customers and potential  new business partners  have reached an Avon sales rep.  Customers & potential recruits that call and only hear music are likely to hang up thinking they have the wrong number. Keep it professional short and sweet.   


3.    An AVON order is due every other week on your ordering schedule provided.  Always be on time & SAVE orders in the system till order time!! Shipping charge is approx. $4 less when it is on time.   Take the 20 minute training class at “Getting Started on” & watch the “Need Help Ordering” under MY ORDERS tab . Orders without full payment for a prior order will not be sent to you.


4.    Don’t forget to order brochures every time you place an order. You will be reminded as your closing your order to order your brochures.  Missing an order will put you behind on your books for the upcoming campaigns. So NEVER miss an order!


5.    Always ask your customers for a referral name of another customer. You can offer the customer who gives the referral a 10% discount off their own order for that campaign or a small gift.


6.    Schedule your time so you can make regular sales contacts with everyone.  Your fortune is in the follow up / Reminder calls.  Customers HOLD YOUR PAYCHECK!


7.    Be sure you attend your District Sales Meetings.  MEETINGS ARE VERY INFORMATIVE AND YOU CAN MINGLE WITH SOME OF THE DISTRICT’S TOP REPRESENTATIVES.   They are not mandatory but available to you- Free samples and displays are always available. Watch your email and newsletters for dates & times for your local area.

8.    Build your earnings through recruiting other representatives. Earn up to $25 per person plus advancement bonuses & a residual income!! We would appoint these reps initially while you are in training together and put them on your team.  DO NOT REFER THEM TO AVON.  If you do so you will not get credit for them being one of your team partners. They must appoint with you for you to make the bonuses and residuals as your team partner.  So call me or the District Manager to make your initial appointments. If you’re not interested in leadership please refer to me.


9.    NEVER give a customer their order unless they are giving you FULL payment.


10.    Complete your FREE online “BEAUTY OF KNOWLEDGE” training. Under the training tab at Click on: Beauty of Knowledge, then click on Training courses, then Click NEW REP tab.  These classes are CRUCIAL and the first 5 classes are only  1 hour and 37 min total time. Please take the time to invest in you and your business. The new rep classes need to be completed before your 1st order and preferably within your first week of business.


11.    All items cannot be put in every brochure but that doesn’t mean the item is not available. Use the product search or you can call Avon at 1-513-551-2866 for assistance.


12.    AVON has a 100% money- back guarantee…Please honor that guarantee for any item YOU sell.  AVON will give you credit for what you paid with our EZ- Returns processing system for any item you credit & send back.  Offer your customers exchange or credit.   I always offer the credit first & in 11 years only had to give 3 refunds.


13.    I am always available to set up any personal training & coaching sessions with you. EVEN SKYPE!  Just call or email me for a day and time and I will put you on my schedule.  


Again, welcome to Avon, may your association with us be long, enjoyable, and profitable.  If your receiving this email your under 6 campaigns with AVON.          

Watch your emails for  your district and division times & other important communications.


A successful business is the result of hard work, not good luck.

You are in total control of your earnings ability and there are many ways to make $$ with AVON.   

If you need any help, please pick up the phone & call us.


Warmest Regards,

Lisa Monoson

Avon Independent Sales Rep.

Executive Unit Leader of the AVON Team Money Makers


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