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Recruiting Script

Posted by Lisa on July 27, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Friday.. Recruiting Tip: Do you break out into a nervous sweat at the thought of trying to ask someone to meet with you to get started selling AVON? If you are new at it I know if can be something that seems scary to you. Relax. Remember, just setup an appointment for a cup of coffee, no more. Put enthusiasm in your voice. Smile - your smile will come thru in your voice and help build rapport.


"Hi, ________________, this is ________________ with Avon. Im following up with your request you put in to sell AVON. ( If you met in person then say Im following up from when we met at XX the other day) How are you today? We are looking for top-notch people for our company in all areas. If you met her in person you could say.. (And after our meeting the other day I think you would be a perfect fit _ pay a compliment) Its only $15 to start and you can Earn up to 50% and bonuses and have fun doing it. It might be right for you, and it might not, but you owe it to yourself to just give it a listen! I'd love for us to meet with (Upline /Sponsor /DSM) and I (she) can tell share more with you about it, answer any questions you might have, and give you some things to take home and read.




Is there any reason why we couldn't get together over a cup of coffee? What would be better for you, (say a day) or (say a different day)?"


Tips on booking a cup of coffee for a recruiting interview.


Never setup up a recruiting interview more than 5 days ahead.


Try to schedule it at a coffee shop or restaurant.


Make sure to talk up your Sponsor to her, "You'll love (Sponsors name). She's been a Title for X years, and is one of the top people in the company. She's really fun and down to earth."

For someone NEW Having a sponsor help you with a lead really can help you become more comfortable with the process. After all its just sharing. :)

Sometimes if you share too much too fast it overloads your prospect. If they are asking questions and you are comfortable answering then by all means be honest and answer. Sometimes if you start giving her too much by phone you'll never get the interview! Happy Recruiting - Lisa Monoson


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