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You can MAKE Excuses or MAKE Money but you cant do both.

Posted by Lisa on April 4, 2012 at 8:00 PM

HI TEAM, THE NEXT TIME YOU MAKE AN EXCUSE TO NOT DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR AVON BUSINESS , YOU CAN MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ITS YOUR CHOICE! READ BELOW..... JUST A BIT OF TRUTH AND MOTIVATION FOR YOU TODAY! JUST WANT TO SEE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU SUCCEED TO WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE IN THIS BUSINESS! LOVE YA ALL LOTS, YOUR TEAM PARTNER, LISA ******************************************************** Enough? EXCUSE: 1--I don't have enough time... we're all give the same amount of hours everyday. What you do with them is up to you. If Avon isn't your highest priority, that's fine. But if it is, you'll find time for it, one way or another. If you want this as a hobby, then you'll spend "hobby" time on it. If you want this as a career, you'll spend "working" hours on it (remember if I'm not "working" 8-5 at my j.o.b. I don't get paid)... EXCUSE:2--I don't have enough help. You have to do everything in the house (who says? and why?) Of course, sometimes you do have to do everything around the house, but that doesn't mean it has to be perfect. And what about help with Avon? It's your company, you can figure it out, either spend more time (see #1) on it or less time because of lack of help. Maybe find someone to pay (in cash or Avon) to help you... or do it yourself. EXCUSE:3--I don't get enough appreciation. From family, customers, DM, UL, board members, etc. What about appreciation from you? Yourself? Give yourself appreciation first. Love yourself first. And do Avon because you LOVE to do it, not to gain recognition (although you might). EXCUSE:4--I don't have enough money. Would money really fix it? Then start selling Avon to earn money! Would selling more Avon to make more money make things worse? Then money isn't the problem. Find out what is and fix it. If it is money, then "work" your Avon.PLUS NO BIG MONEY IS NEEDED UPFRONT TO SELL AVON JUST THE $10 sign up....... EXCUSE:5--I don't have inventory, samples, etc. You don't need inventory. You can order samples as your customer wants them and put them in the business supply column of your spreadsheet. EXCUSE:6--I don't have enough brochures and have no money to get them. Then ask nicely your best customers to return your brochures so you can pass them out to others. Find a business where you can leave it at one desk and a lot of peole can order from it. Remember too, that part of your business expenses is brochures, your brochure is your store (wal-mart does not live on free land, in a free building, with free merchandise on their shelf (see #5) LOL). *Also if you ever want to CANVASS GET FREE brochure FROM The DSM sometimes they are expired or a few campaigns old but it gets your name out there in the Neighborhood!!!! EXCUSE:7--I don't have enough respect. Pretty much the same excuse as #3. And as said above, if you don't respect yourself, who's going to respect you? EXCUSE:8--I don't look like an Avon lady. Who does? LOL. Luckily Avon doesn't care if we don't have the fancy red jackets or pink suits. We can wear pretty much whatever we like. Our customers are just like us: people. Regular ordinary people. And follow the advice of #3 and #7. EXCUSE:9--I don't have enough energy. Energy for what? You have a whole 2 weeks to sell one campaign and deliver from the previous one (which actually helps, then you can "sell" items in the new brochure in person). If you don't have energy to talk your customer you can have your customers pick up their orders (maybe offer a 99 cent gift for doing so), and so on. EXCUSE:10--I don't have enough love. Yes you do. If you can love yourself (see #3 and #7). And we love you here. I'm sure you'll find customers who will "love" to have you as their Avon lady (I have had several who I swear, their face lights up when they see me coming! LOL).


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Reply dbcavon
3:42 PM on May 6, 2012 
I so love everything about excuses. Oh so true. We all need to believe in ourselves before anyone else can. Great advise. Thanks for sharing.