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AVON IS YOUR VEHICLE... How do you take care of yours?

Posted by Lisa on December 9, 2011 at 5:25 PM

AVON IS YOUR VEHICLE...  How do you take care of yours?

By: Lisa Monoson Ind. Avon Sales Rep.& Executive Unit Leader 12-5-11

I have an interesting analogy that came to me the other day as I thought about my AVON businessand what we do in general. Now for some reason I starting to think about theworkings of a car, the whole car the exterior, interior the engine, tires thewhole way it runs and performs.

 Then BINGO I thought hmmm… this is a way I can teach by using the thought of how your AVON business closely resembles the workings of a vehicle.  Next time you hop into your physical vehicle you will start thinking of this conversation and it will remind you hopefully of these interesting similarities.

In relation to the Business:

 How many of you if given a Ferrari for under $20 would take it? Its been given to you. Picture it. It’s red and shiny and perfect UH wouldn’t you immediately say YES!!! YES!!!  

Well Avon has given us a VEHICLE with the AVON Opportunity. It’s the most Affordable opportunity & company out there.  It’s extremely shiny and worthy, has all the bells and whistles and it has TOP performance in its name and reliability. So let’s look at our AVON businesslike a Ferrari.   Now we can choose to do many things with our Ferrari.  How we drive it & how we care for it & whether we decide to keep it at OPTIMAL performance at all times.   

 Now if we Jump into our new Ferrari and have ZERO knowledge of how to drive … What do you think will happen?  We’re going to start out pretty lost I mean,we may stall or never even get the engine going?  So what can we do to change that?  We train and learn and we ask for help when we need the direction.  When we do this,we will then be able to at least start with the right pathway and move the vehicle forward.  Beginner drivers are in the learning stage are just getting their engines started..

 Ok so Translation… This relates to your Beauty of Knowledge your meetings, Team supports. Your upline & district supports all available to you.   Now YOU can’t start a vehicle without keys can you?  It’s up to each new driver as to whether or not you decide to take the keys so you can even start to drive.

 Now we hope everyone TAKES the KEYS and decides to drive but not all will and some will even turn there keys back in before they even set foot in the vehicle.   It’s SO very SAD especially because it was such a GIFT with this Ferrari!!!!  

 NOW those that Take the Keys Congratulations….SMART MOVE …HOWEVER… driving your vehicle hap hazardly with no road map to where you are headed is going to waste a lot of time and fuel.   You need the directions.  Or you can’t get to where you are going.  Do you all follow?

Now the vehicle we are riding in can pertain to the AVON business itself AND also how you present your business/ as you SELL it/ SHARE it & Show it  hint hint your  Ferrari to others. If you let your exterior  paint get dirty and rusty on the edges youn eed to take care of that exterior and  make sure your keeping it clean and shiny  & if it’s been neglected for too long then it may even need a new paint job.  If you have let your Ferrari go un-serviced & it sounds a bit ruff it may and a new muffler, tune up or Oil change. Now you’re thinking LISA this is all crazy talk but let me explain.

  This can relate to making changes in your outward business presence and appearance or  making sure you’re  having a professional, helpful & friendly business attitude towards customers and business partners. Making sure you present brochures, being responsible with appointments, being prompt sharing demos caring for the customer as if they are going to spend a lot of dollars into your Ferrari.

They don’thave to choose YOU they can choose to go get a more well taken care of Ferrari,as there are many out there but only some will exceed excellence in performance,service and appearance. Yours should be one of the most excellent ones on the road..  Don’t you want yours to be picked for your passengers to ride in as one of the most comfortable, wonderful, fastest,peak performance & most profitable one in the race to the finish line?  Don’t you choose for yours Ferrari to rank #1!  You shouldn’t expect anything less.Your competition is out there.

   If you want your business to be profitable and taken seriously by your prospects and passengers then you will need to be sure you’re working on the outside of thevehicle and the inside. Treat it like you would treat a Ferrari with white glove service. It’s an extension of class; It's an extension of YOU and how much you care for your business.  So keep your vehicle maintained at all times.  Taking care of the outside as well as the inside of all the internal working parts it’s going to run like a champ.

 YOUR Passengers this can relate to…. TeamMembers & customers you can look at it 2 ways. If your vehicle is ready topick up passengers and you have prepared the vehicle for them then don’t justtake them for a short ride make sure they are on a journey along with you.  Make sure you help your passengers and thenoffer them direction along the way. Not all will want to come with you andthat’s ok. Some when ready will continue to drive their vehicles and ask theirown passengers for company giving them the green light to accelerate to ahigher performance level.

 If your battery is dead then go and get a jumpstart. If the vehicle is receptive then it should start right up. This can pertain to doing personal development such as reading good informative books ,listening to great motivational speakers such as Les Brown or Jim Rohn & attending coaching calls. Anything to broaden your knowledge.  Running your vehicle with the utmost efficiency and with the most optimal performance is KEY.

 Now when we do get the engine started and we are driving along there may be some things if we are not properly caring and maintaining our vehicle that can happen.  We could get a flat tire, Need a battery jump,& heck we certainly don’t want to run out of gas!

Now what ifyou do ALL these things & your Ferrari is shiny inside and out, maintained & you’re ready for everything but then , you never put the pedal to the metal…   Well then you not ever going to reach your destinations.  When we speak of destinations these are your goals and each need to have that finish line that you cross in the time you have allowed for each trip.

 When we speak of pedal to the metal I speak of putting your business into action. Prospecting, getting your books out, talking about your business, advertising  & doing productive activity’s to produce results. You can’t just sit at the stop light.   

If you miss those finish lines which are “your goals” then it’s time to redo your roadmap and find the better or best way to get where you’re going. We all get lost right? So what do we need to do? ASK FOR DIRECTION WHEN WE NEED IT!  If we can’t figure out the way on our own…that’s what your support system is for.  

Sometimes your journey will have bumps in the road, but always keep your eyes on the destination at hand & the GOALS you set out for yourself. You have a Ferrari!! Its been given to you now it’s up to you on how you fuel it, care forit & how you drive it. 

   Think of your business as a Ferrari with a journey…..

Without tires you can’t roll- Your tires are your BOOKS!

Steering wheel… without one then you can’t turn your Ferrari and your likely to crash. Sometimes we go off course and need to steer ourselves back on to the track & of course be sure to visit the pump often so you never run out of GAS!!

AVON it is YOUR vehicle!  Your vehicle needs many things to be sure that it runs efficiently or most without basic necessity will CRASH and Burn.

 So I leave you with this. Evaluate your business today?  What kind of shape is your Ferrari in? Is it as fueled up as it was the first day you started?  OR do you need the Jump start or some new spark plugs? Running low on gas? Is your Ferrari all dusty or not running as efficient as you like and need a service call?

  Keep your personal standards & GOALS set HIGH for maximum performance?

 Remember Treat your business like a “FERRARI and you can WIN many Races!! 




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