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Let me introduce myself & our team of leaders ...

Lisa Monoson- Executive Unit Leader Team Money Makers


Thank you for coming to our site and joining our wonderful AVON Team Money Makers of Jacksonville Fl. We have reps throughout the US and growing but our local team is here in sunny Jacksonville Florida.  We are a part of  the Eagle Division.   Our team  currently has over 350+ reps and growing.  We are a wonderful group of women & leaders who enjoy selling ,sharing and showing our AVON businesses.  

I thought I would share my personal AVON story with you .  This way for those that have not  met me within our growing downline will know a bit more about me and who there upline is.

My name is Lisa Monoson & I have been a part of AVON as a Leader, Mentor, Beauty Advisor and Sales Representative since October of 2000 & I am the Team Money Makers coach & leader.

   I got the AVON bug when a friend of mine starting selling it  back in 2000. She was doing really well with it  & she was a mom of  two so I inquired.  At the time I was 7 months pregnant with my 3 child. I had been running a successful home daycare for years but knew once I had my 3rd son I wasn't going to be able to handle that many children along with my own three.  So my quest for another income came into play.  So I asked her how do I get started with Avon and what do I have to do. It seemed simple enough,  hand out brochures, talk to 3 people a day and make follow up calls. After all AVON had been around for over 120 years and I felt confident in the company and there products.  I thought "What have I got to lose, I will check with some neighbors and places I already go and see what happens." Before I knew it I was selling $10,000- $38,000 in Avon a year achieving PC Club to Rose Circle levels.  I joined Leadership not long after I started &  I made UL then AUL and most recently EUL. Over the years I had some health battles which prevented me from achieving EUL sooner but this year I recommitted and took this business by the horns.  I knew from the beginning that my goal would be Senior Executive Unit Leader.  I'm still on my way,

 What started out for me as a business for just some extra money for the weekends & diapers etc. has turned into so much more.  As a mom of 3 sons & a busy schedule,  for me AVON has been a wonderful journey. It has continued to grow over the years to possibilities I never thought could be possible.

  Avon has paid for many things over the years including Christmases, car payments, groceries,vacations and all the extras my family has needed.

I have truly turned my Avon business into a career. I have worked hard over the years so that I never have had to go get a day job and go outside the home to work. I have always been able to be a stay at home mom since I started AVON over 16 years ago.

 I enjoy running both sides of my business in sales and leadership.   I  receive two paydays plus additional award bonuses each campaign. One from sales commissions from my wonderful customers and one for leadership bonuses for mentoring , coaching and working with my team. My goals and aspirations is to strive to help them be successful in their businesses.

"TEAM" stands for Together- Everyone- Achieves- More. 

  I love teaching other women how they too can earn a paycheck from home by working a AVON business. With Avon your in business for yourself but never by yourself.

  I plan on continuing the success & enjoyment for many, many years to come.  I enjoy the company the people of course the money and all that it has to offer and  I am excited to have you  be a part of our AVON team.

I hope that you too will DREAM BIG and then go out and achieve it like I did! Dreams can come true with AVON. You can have it ALL!!

  Warmest Regards,

Lisa Monoson

 Avon Independent Sales Rep.

Executive Unit Leader of the AVON Team Money Makers 



Introducing Delaina Simpson Gold Ambassador  of  "Team Dream Makers"

My name is Delaina Simpson and I have been with Avon for a total of 13 years.  After a rewarding 18 year career with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I decided to sell Avon for a few extra dollars.  My goal at that time was to pay for my children?s private school tuition.  I achieved that goal and before I knew it, I was really beginning to make some money!  Over the seven years I sold in Jacksonville, my sales levels reached President?s Club, Honor Society and Rose Circle.  I then began Leadership and achieved Advanced Unit Leader.

 In 2006, our family moved to Mexico.  You can take the girl out of the country but you can?t take Avon out of the girl!  I sold Avon in Mexico for five years which really makes you appreciate the conveniences we have in the United States in relation to inputting your orders, paying online, returns, etc.  I loved being able to sell while we were there to teachers, friends and co-workers.

 We moved back to the United States in December 2011 and I didn?t know anyone in the area in which we moved.  In April 2012, I decided to sell Avon again and this time to be on Lisa Monoson?s team. Lisa and I started selling Avon at just about the same time in 2000. We were both leaders but not on the same team. I knew I wanted to be on the best team in Avon to begin my new journey!   So in the last 15 months, I made President?s Club, Unit Leader and received the Best New Sales Performer Award at the President?s Club Gala.  I have made many new friends now and enjoy recruiting and training new Representatives.  I feel like Leadership is a type of ministry in that anyone can sell Avon and you are helping a person begin their own business for only $15!  You can really make a difference in someone?s life just by offering them this opportunity.

 Personally, I have been married for almost 28 years; have two sons and three dogs.  I also work with my husband in our production company.  This all keeps me very busy so I have to be an organized individual.  It?s a good thing time management is one of my strengths!

 I am looking forward to many more years selling Avon and moving up the Leadership Ladder of Success!

Delaina Simpson
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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Introducing: Mary Alston  Silver Ambassador of the" Dazzling Diamonds Team"


 My name is Mary L. Alston, and I have been an Independent Avon Representative & Beauty Advisor since November 2007.  Avon is my business and I talk about it every where I go.  I always wear my Avon name badge, and I have anointed my car with the AVON door decals that have my contact phone number on them.  Doing this has increased my customer base 75%.

 I became a Unit Leader around the middle of 2009.  I love the challenge of recruiting and training new Independent Avon Representatives who are interested in owning their business and willing to work at it to be successful. It is very gratifying to help them grow their businesses. 

 I am also a volunteer Mediator with the State Attorney?s Office, volunteer church worker, volunteer at a local school weekly, and workout at a local gym daily.  I have customers at all of those locations and more.  I love Avon and I love what Avon has given to me and my family.

I look forward to serving new Avon customers, and recruiting New Independent Avon Representations.


Mary L. Alston

 Live Love, Laugh and Use AVON

Your Avon Representative

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Introducing: Alicia McDaniel Ambassador

My name is Alicia McDaniel.  I work a full time job in addition to my Avon business. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 33 years.  I have 2 grown sons and one very spoiled cat. I joined Avon as an Independent Sales Rep in June of 2014. After being a representative for 4 or 5 campaigns I joined leadership and became a Unit Leader. I also achieved  President Club sales level  in just 10 campaigns with AVON.  Being in Leadership has been a natural fit for me.  By nature mentoring comes very easy to me.  Guiding and mentoring my team members to grow as a person and in their business has been so rewarding.  My plans are to continue to expand and grow my Avon business & eventually work AVON FT to replace my day "JOB" and make my dreams come true!


I grew up in Jacksonville Florida during the era of the "traditional" Avon "lady" that would go door to door to sell Avon.  As a child I collected all the fancy designer cologne bottles.  I had so many in my "collection" that my parents put extra shelving in my room so I could display all my Avon bottles.  In the late 70's my family moved from metro Jacksonville to a very remote rural area.  We lived 20 miles from the closest store of any kind.  By that time I was about 13 years old and was just getting interested in make-up and fragrances.  That's when Vi George came into my life.  She was our local Avon Lady.  She was such a blessing.  I looked forward to her visits every 2 weeks.  She always took the time to show us the new products and helped us select what we wanted or needed. Vi was always so pleasant, patient and had a ready smile.  She was the kind of Avon "Lady" I wanted to be. Even though I have never worked in sales or retail Vi was my inspiration on how I wanted to treat my customers. 


After joining Avon I was so pleased and amazed at all the wonderful tools available to us.  "Yes" I can still be that traditional Avon "lady" submitting orders every 2 weeks and meeting with customers face to face. Today's modern Avon lady  & her customers cans shop online 245/7 with our free Avon given E stores or still be serviced in person.  In this day and age people don't always want to wait.  On-line shopping is something I do on a regular basis.  So I also promote the on-line ordering of Avon.  Clients are so happy to find out they can  also go on line and shop at their convenience and in the privacy of their own home with FREE delivery in most cases.


I feel so blessed to part of the Avon family & our National Team of support. Team Money Makers. I look forward to welcoming you to our AVON family!

Warm Wishes, 

Alicia McDaniel- Ind. Avon Sales Rep, PC, Unit Leader

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Introducing: Pat Coulliette Gold Ambassasor of  "Pats Amazing Cash Makers" 

   I started selling Avon in January 2003.   When started, my initial goal was just to make  some extra money.  I had worked in retail for about 18 years and decided I was going to work for myself for a change.  I made Presidents Club selling over $10,000 in Avon my second year with this great company and have made it  from Presidents Club to Honor Society Level selling over $20,000 each year ever since.     

 I'm also in Leadership, I'm a Unit Leader of Pats Amazing Cash Makers Team! 

 My husband retired 4 years ago.  He and I love to fish together and play golf. 

The money I make help us to be able to do these extras.  I have two grand children.  This business allows me to be able to keep them whenever I want.  I never could have done that with the JOB I had before.  I can work around these things and still make money!!!

 With all the support I get from Lisa and others in our downline team,  I've  learned how to use the brochure as my store.  I put labels on my books promoting specials like we discuss on our webinars.  The bulk of my business is businesses.  I take extra books with me everywhere! I go into a business and ask them if they have an Avon representative.  If they say no, I ask if I can leave a book.  Then I ask them for a name and phone number I can call back to.  THEN I CALL BACK!!!  I can't stress that enough.   I can start the week before an order is due, in my case noon on Friday, with maybe a total of $150.  And by the time I call back and send out reminders with email my orders are at $400+ withing a couple of days.  Even if I have to leave a message, I promote one item.   With our  Free personal website /E-Rep & Web office suite I can keep tabs on their favorite fragrance or skin care and let them know when it's on special. Everyone wants to save these days & customer service is very important.  I treat my customer like I want to be treated. I offer senior discounts & Curves customers discounts.  I have helpers in the offices that I give a discount to for collecting orders for me. These discounts are usually only 10-20%.   By utilizing my online store I have orders that come in that way too.  This last campaign I had over $200. from just my personal web page we are given.  I make sure my customers know the specials so the products can be sent to their front door on orders over $35 FREE.

 I also make-up small packages like you put embroidery floss in.  I put a business card in it and 2 or 3 samples, usually a ladies fragrance, a men's and a skin care.  I leave these everywhere.  I leave them with the bank teller, the cashier at Wal-Mart, when I leave a tip.  When I say everywhere I mean everywhere. Public phone booths, public restrooms, on the table at McDonald's, windshields.  I have a shower caddy that I put on the back of my SUV with a sign saying take one FREE.  I'll put 2-4 books in it and almost always when I return from shopping there are some gone, most of the time all of them.  I have signs on my car and in my yard.   Get your name out there!  So when they think of Avon they think of you!

 Remember successful people have simply developed the habit of doing what the unsuccessful people won't do and don't like to do.

 I love Avon products. I use Avon and I sell Avon, by showing it and sharing it!!!

Mrs. Pat Coulliette 

Avon Independent Sales Rep. & UL


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Introducing: Jenn Davis  Bronze Ambassador of the "Unstoppable Dream Team"  

Hello All

 My name is Jennifer Davis. I am a Jacksonville transplant. I was born and raised as an AVON kid in New Orleans. My mother sold AVON pretty much throughout my whole childhood - which is why I LOVE AVON so much! The products were great then and are even BETTER now.

 I met my husband on a blind date in June 2003 and we were married in April 2004. He then uprooted me from New Orleans and moved me to Jacksonville. I love it here and am working on moving family here too. :) We have two beautiful children and will hopefully expand our family further in the future. I am a stay at home mom with a Graphic Design degree that I use for freelance projects and of course I have my AVON Business.

 AVON has been a WONDERFUL journey so far. I have met some great friends along the way and of course, the money is nice too! My AVON Business supports our "FUN MONEY FUND" which pays for outings with the kids, gas for weekend trips to Orlando and most importantly, this year it paid for all of our Christmas Gifts!

 I thoroughly enjoy being a Unit Leader and watching my Team grow. They make me so PROUD when I see them do well!

 My goal this year is to become a PC member and to expand my team more! Watch out Lisa, I want my team as big as yours! ;)

 So that's me in a nutshell -- Live, Laugh, Love & USE AVON!



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