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Congratulations if you have now placed

your very first Avon order .. 


You may be wondering what to do next.


  * Video is personal insight and opinion of Lisa Monoson AVON ISR. & Team Money Makers LLC. & is not from AVON Products Corporate.


Here are some easy tips once your shipment arrives.

 Step #1 Be sure to pull out your invoice (usually in the bottom of your box) and group out your items for packing.

 EXAMPLE: All liners with liners, bottles with bottles, fragrance with fragrances and jewelry with jewelry etc. This will make your packing so much easier as you fill each customer?s order from each customer's ticket.   After a while the packaging will be more familiar to you but for now everything is VERY new.

 *If you're an E-rep you have printed tickets to go by  from your web office  & if not you are using your order booklet with the double copies one is for your records and the other is your packing ticket.  Be sure to Make sure the TAX is showing at your states Tax rate % on the ticket  ( you can change that in web office) and be sure to double check pricing to make sure it is charging correctly


  Step #2  After packing the bags, be sure to always  give each customer the next campaign book in there order bag and a sample or two.  (DO NOT GIVE the books you just received if they are 2 ahead from what you just ordered from)

Example: The order you just received has 2 books ahead so HOLD those  and be sure to give them your current prepared book.

If they ordered BIG then reward them with something extra such as a hand cream, shower gel etc.  We want to keep out customers happy and a good AVON lady takes pride in each customer's loyalty & value to them.     

 Paying your balance

Your Invoice has your amount due to AVON. Once you have collected all the monies from your customers, deposit all the monies in the account you are using for AVON.

You can pay your AVON balance a few ways:

 #1 Preferred method:  Go to the My Account Tab at and click PAY AVON and use your Credit card or debit card to easily make your payment instantly.

#2 You can CALL your Customer Service #  English 1-866-513-2866 Spanish: 1-866-588-2866 Use your AVON acct #   and say make a payment using the CC or visa/debit card. The Payment is instant.  I advise you to use the CONTACT US button ( top Right corner on site)  to deal with any small issues you may have, missing items, overcharges etc.. 

 #3   You can also use QUICKPAY system online through the  site.  You can set this up easily online under PAY AVON.   It?s like writing a check the money is instantly removed from your bill but does takes a bit longer to hit your bank account.  

#4 You can also use a PREPAID card that you load. OR Get a FREE Paypal Account with card & square reader to take customer payments with your smart phone. There is a small Paypal Transaction fee per swipe but letting customers pay with credit  cards results in higher orders and immediate money into your card.   I believe its 2.7%  for a swipe and- 3.5% if your punching in the card instead. 

The difference left over from your payment is your PAYCHECK



   In the meantime start selling for the next order & prospect for new clients and recruits!

Please feel free to call your upline sponsor if you have any questions regarding your order or anything else we can help you with.

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