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 I wanted to first  WELCOME YOU to our Amazing AVON Family and also send you some helpful tips and resources as you get started in your new businessMy name is Lisa Monoson and I am in Jacksonville Fl ,married mom of 3 and a Executive Unit leader. I am a part of your upline of  support Of over 350 Reps all over the USA.

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We have a private Team Money Makers FB group that has lots of help and info and documents too. Just let me know your part of the team.  
#2: I have a helpful Youtube channel.. Lots of helpful REP video training there.
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#4 Call or Text Me at : 904-xxx-xxxx

#5 Email: [email protected]

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Please stay connected to us.. We have lots of helpful resources let your direct upline or myself know what you need to help you succeed. We are here to support YOU!


·        Your First order day is: ________________ .You are are a RPS___

·        Its always  every other _______________ before 12 noon ( RPS =_____) Representative Processing Schedule

·        We will walk through and do this together.

·         BOOK LINK: Share it virtually now: BOOK # HERE /en/index.html


Here is your schedule to print off: ( INSERT RPS HERE)



  •   Orders must be a minimum of $50.00 to earn with AVON. You can earn up to 50% depending on your sales. SEE CHART You do not earn on orders for brochures and supplies. Fixed earnings - earn 20% on items marked with a diamond. HOLD orders until we train OR UNTIL on your FIRST ORDER DATE To do your First FAMILY Order Below.If you place too soon you will LOSE one of your first orders. This is also if an ONLINE store order goes in too soon. SO to be certain that doesn?t happen refer your WEBSITE as much as you like to after the first order or once you see the proper STARTING campaign show up for the 1st order.
  •  Register online and take training courses. Under Training tab then.. AVON PATHWAYS
  • How you get paid.  You place your order and Avon will send you an invoice saying you owe X amount. Deliver and collect the money from your customers. Any thing left over after you have paid Avon is your profit. Avon does not send you a check for Earnings on Sales. Avon sends Checks for Rewards in Leadership or direct deposits for residual income only on Leadership teams.
  •  Preferred preview. Comes out approx 4 times a year. Look in your orders for a flyer that will come way ahead of time to show you a specific offer.. If you dont want the preferred items, you must call before the deadline or will be shipped and charged to you. These offers are ONLY avail to those on Preferred Previews and are at 45- 50% discount. They also are only offered 4-6 times a year so it is not every order.  I highly recommend everyone is on this.
  •  E-rep. Gives you your own personal website, you can edit the site. Also gives you a web office to manage invoices, address book, social media tools and more.
  •  Timely orders - late fee is charged if order is not placed on time. It costs to place a separate order. Its best to stay on your Personal RPS selling schedule ( RPS = Representative Processing schedule)
  •  Back ordering - you can order 2 campaigns back if you are ordering online.
  •  Ordering Brochures -  We always order 2 campaigns ahead (for example, in Camp #1 you will receive Camp #3 books). 1 pack equals 10 books (if you want to order 100 books, you put a quantity of 10 in the order form). I feel it is imperative that you order enough brochures to GROW your business. Reinvest in the beginning and accordingly so you can build your customer base. Book ORDER # is 055745
  •  Open separate bank account.
  •   Its also best to also get a Separate NEW email just for AVON
  •  Whats New Books - received in every campaign (demonstration book of products that?s coming to our books) Products can be ordered at a discount. Look for demo limits. Unless it says no [email protected] you can only order 1 of each type of item (if there are multiple shades, you can only order 1 total, not 1 of each shade)
  •  Never deliver an order without being paid. Always collect the money at the time of delivery. You can even ask for a deposit.
  •  Account must be paid prior to placing next order. Best to PAY ONLINE, with a credit card or using ,Quick Pay ( a online check system that you sign up for) OR CALL In your payment to 1-513-551-28661-513-551-2866 using Our FAST TALK System.. You say your Acct # then Make a PAYMENT then give amount to be paid with your personal card. Customer care will not take your payment and.. Customer?s checks are never sent to Avon, payment comes from you only.
  •  If you do not have orders , at least order brochures and supplies to keep account active.
  •  Customers can pay you with credit cards. I prefer to call in the card off my account. OR Credit card slips are free under business tools, a credit card imprinter can also be ordered for $15.00. You need to call to get authorization code. NEVER accept orders from ONLINE people you dont know who want to order large amounts and NOT through your AVON store. Be cautious if youre not sure contact me .. Also check the FRAUD button on to see the common scams that can be emailed to you through your store.
  •  Samples and bags are under Shop Sales Tools Under the MY ORDER tab on the left side.
  •  Advertising - Read policies.
  •  Never place brochures in or on mailbox. However you can hang on a door or do a brochure toss. We can talk about this more also on how to canvass an area with FREE older brochures. You can use a service called I recommend this once you BUILD your business or it you have a few out of state people that you may want to send a book to this company will do it all. The book postage and your info for about $1
  •  Recruiting. You can earn even more money by recruiting. Must have 5 recruits minimum plus personal sales $200  and total unit team sales of $1200 to become Unit Leader. See Avons timeline for recruiting. We will talk more on this soon about the criteria.


I look forward to watching and helping you grow your AVON business. May your journey with your business be fruitful & all of your dreams come true! 

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Monoson

Avon Independent Sales Rep.& SE Regional Makeup Maven
Executive Unit Leader of Team Money Makers  LLC
Buy or Sell: (904) xxx-xxxx