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Welcome to the team and to AVON. We are so glad you are here.  Check the following tabs under this section created specifically for NEW Reps!

 The tips  & helpful  guidelines within this category will  help you get off to a great start as a  brand NEW Avon Representative as  you embark to sell Avon online,  sell Avon in person or as I do I sell Avon both ways.


NOTE:  As of C-8 2014.. 1st 4 orders are no longer GUARANTEED at 40% with $50 orders. Orders are now calculated on earnings depending on how much you sell anywhere from 20-50%. You only begin to earn at a $50 minimum order.  Also appointment fee is no longer in the USA $10. It is now new and Improved with 2 full size products, button DVD etc and is  $15 as of C-10-2014! 

Click here to see Earnings Charts for more info!

Step 1: The most important thing you can do once you have signed up is to register into your new rep site at 

Click on Register and set up. You will use:

Use your acct number given on the top of your AVON Contract

District # given

& Last 4 of your SS#.

Then create your unique password. You will always use your acct number to log in.

 It will prompt you for E-REP!  You can do imports of your address book as well.

PLEASE NOTE: I advise new reps to utilize your AVON WEBSITE store AFTER you have placed your first order only because direct delivery orders can change your starting campaign.  Most personal sites are not yet fully activated for DIRECT orders until you have placed your 1st order.

Step 2: Mark and label all your brochures. You can print out labels if it makes it easier and eventually order a stamp. I used Holmes Stamp and Sign ( find under the links tab) and I use vista print for biz cards, Car magnets  & stamps also. 

 Heres a label example:

Lisa Monoson-( TITLE)Ind. Sls Rep..  ( must always IDENTIFY AS Ind. Sales Rep.) ISR. Ind. Sales Rep etc.

Call to Buy or Sell: (904) XXX_XXXX

[email protected] - D o not PUT AVON in your email  if your a EREP

Start your own AVON  Biz today for only $15.. Ask Me How!

Order by-  ( PUT CURRENT DUE DATE 1 DAY BEFORE DATE)?. Valid till  ( PUT 2 CAMPAIGNS AHEAD) Since we can back-order! OR you can choose to NOT date books and let them circulate longer. Your choice.

Step 3: Start taking your Pathways ( PATHWAYS) classes  at the training tab and be sure to have the first 5 classes done before you and your upline meet to do your first order. Remember the more classes you complete the better your knowledge and to advance your business and earnings. The first 5 classes are aprox. 1 hour 27 min. total time to complete 5.

Step 4: Work on your who do you know list and prepare to sell, share the opportunity and  show. If you like you can schedule a grand opening with friends and family to launch your business. There are online invitations you can print out at our site. 

Step 5: Goal Setting! It is so important that you have a clear set goal each and every campaign of what your earnings need to be. or what your working towards. Always have a clear road map action plan of how you can achieve it. You cant say I want to sell $500 this campaign and take home $200 without figuring out how many customers or recruits you will need to reach that figure.  You can start with the most simple goals such as gas money, salon money, grocery money to having more extreme plans such as saving up for a vacation or to make car payments etc. etc.    

Step 6: LAST but no least FOLLOW UP! YOUR CUSTOMERS HOLD YOUR PAYCHECK!! Call and see everyone you gave books to and start collecting orders.

  Your upline should be contacting you within 48 hours of  appointment to check on you.

 PLEASE call or email  them if you need anything. That is what we are here for.


SPECIAL REMINDER... As a new REP you can QUALIFY in your 1st 5 orders EARN up to $100 in Cash +  samples and $100 in  FREE AVON Products!


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 *  Personal Video is insight and opinion of Lisa Monoson AVON ISR. & Team Money Makers LLC. & is not from AVON Products Corporate.