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                     1st Steps as a AVON Representative                                 


NOTE:  As of C-8 2014.. 1st 4 orders are no longer GUARANTEED at 40% with $50 orders. Orders are now calculated on earnings depending on how much you sell anywhere from 20-50%. You only begin to earn at a $50 minimum order.  Also appointment fee is no longer in the USA $10. It is now new and Improved with 2 full size products, button DVD etc and is  $15 as of C-10-2014! 

 Your Now an AVON Representative  - Now What?

In order to achieve the success you desire you need first to understand that this is a business. You are the captain of your ship, the rewards are directly associated with your effort. You must be knowledgeable about the Avon product line (be patient but do make an effort to learn what it is you'll be selling).

Your Reason

Don't forget why you started your business, in order for you to succeed your going to have to work at it. There will be nobody pushing you and yes its easy to get side tracked. Keep your dreams alive by putting them somewhere where you'll see them every day (often every day - like the refrigerator) more on motivation is avail under article and videos.

Open A Separate Bank Account

Don't mix your Avon business money with your personal accounts. It's too easy to get off track and tap into the money you should be devoting to paying your Avon bill. Also when you allow others access they may inadvertently spend money that you have earmarked as business expense. Keep it simple get a separate account.

Build the list
Who is number one on the list - you of course! Change your buying habits, if you can buy it from yourself do it. Think of upcoming birthdays, Christmas or any occasion where you can purchase your own products.
*Family both local and long distance.
*Friends again both local and long distance.
*Acquaintances you meet on a regular basis (hairdresser, receptionist at the doctors office,  cashiers, pharmacy the grocery store, think about where you go on your normal travels and write it down, you need not know the name just who they are.
*Branch out - other Dr's offices, dentist, real estate, library, (open the phone book and scan local business where other Ladies work and add that business to the list - be creative, the bigger the list the better).

Educate Yourself

The more knowledgeable you are the better prepared you'll be to answer questions your customers may ask.  The fact that you are now reading this is a good start. Avon provided valuable information in your sign up kit, read it over, if you have any questions ask the Representative that signed you or your District Manager she is there to help). Please dont hesitate to call  or email your upline if you need help. We dont know you need it unless your asking.  Be respectful though, jot your questions down first. Many of the questions you have will be answered if you do the research yourself, get into the habit of seeking out answers. If all else fails ASK AVON 
( Handy Phone List here).  Aside from the wonderful AVON training on our - Training- Pathways.  You now have the additional support on this team site.  We have Articles, Videos, Links, forum, Live chat and more. This will be a great place to further your knowledge of the business.. Remember though that knowledge is power! you absolutely need it, the time will come when you'll have to pass it on.

Dress The Part

Your not an Avon Lady - YOU ARE THE AVON LADY.
So what does she look like? How does she dress? What shoes will she wear while she's Avoning? In other words your selling makeup you need to look good, Sunday best good, you have only one chance to make a good impression. (you may think this is a no brainer but you would be surprised at how many Ladies don't get it). Use the products,lipstick, perfume etc. others will be asking about the shade of lipstick, what perfume your wearing and so on. You are now a business woman - much of that is based on perception - so how will you be perceived?

Business Cards and Brochures

 You can print up your own on the computer or go to the
links page VISTAPRINT and ge 250 card for just $5.95 shipping.  Y
ou do need to know however that they will at first be the most affordable way for you to get the word out there about your new business. You will want a good supply of both (you only got 10 brochures in your sign up kit),  I find that having reps order  no less than 30 to start but 50 is the best deal to get going at $14.69 from ordering only 10 at  $6.29 its the better value.  Order in blocks of ten and keep adding. If within the first few months your ordering 50 -60 brochures and getting them out there your doing good.


You received  a box samples in your appointment kit. You will  of course need more as you place orders, you can get with your upline leader and ask her advice as which ones would be best for you to order and have her point out where they are on site for you to look over. The reason I say ask your upline is because trends come and go, some items are also more popular in different parts of the country, she should be able to point you in the right direction. If you call into our conference calls or  watch our informational videos we usually discuss the next campaign and what will be a hot item to have available for sampling. I find that ordering what you need each order each campaign is the best bet for new people just getting started. No need to order ALL the samples we carry. Order only what you need at first. Then you can expand to have favorites on hand.   

The information provided is opinion from Lisa Monoson Team Money Makers LLC only and not provided by the Avon Corporation..